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John O. McGinnis’ “Age of the Empirical” in the new (June/July 06 issue of Policy Review raises some important questions for Generative Anthropology. McGinnis argues that the increase in information available to social science researchers along with the greater efficacy of computing technology are getting us to the point where consensus on good […]

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I assume none of us Generative Anthropologists would assert that the “Jersey Girls” are enjoying to an unprecedented degree their husbands’ deaths; or, to take an earlier example, that Timothy McVeigh should have targeted the New York Times building. However, a rather prominent Generative Anthropologist did characterize the 2004 Presidential election as a contest […]

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GA as the Thinking of the Center

Within the originary configuration, we are all located on the margin, sharing our love and resentment toward the center. The effect of the history of de-ritualization, grounded in the Judaic and then Christian revelations, with its unremitting resentment toward the “Big Man” who seizes the ritual center has, in modern democracy, accentuated the resentment […]

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A link for Dawn Perlmutter fans (Dawn talks about Richard Ramirez, LA serial killer) -eric gans



By way of keeping up with the times and permitting more permanent contributions than the GA listserv: the GABlog!

-eric gans