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Everyone’s Happy!

Barack Obama seems to be composing the most generic, centrist establishmentarian cabinet possible. Most conservatives seem to be pleasantly surprised and most leftists seem to be suprisingly pleased. Each side is even crowing at the other’s expense: the right is claiming that the left, hoping for a changey, anti-Bush administration, has been had; while […]

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Victimary Modernity and Covenantal Modernity

We could see modernity as a kind of swerve (a “clinamen,” in Harold Bloom’s taxonomy of influence, for all you former English grad students) away from Christianity: the model of Jesus on the Cross, who has willingly taken upon himself the hatreds directed toward the scapegoat and thereby exposed the fundamental fraudulence of scapegoating, […]

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Conservative Rule as Exceptionally Normal and Normally Exceptional

Maybe discussions about how the Republicans can climb back into power as soon as possible are the worng ones to be having. Maybe some kind of more or less left-wing rule, antipathetic towards initative and success, sympathetic to those with even mildly plausible victimary claims, aversive to the use of force or risk taking […]

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Barack Obama, the Greatest President Ever!

I thought I’d give this post-election commentary game another spin. Two things occurred to me: first, that Barack Obama, for a while at least, will be able to do pretty much whatever he wants (and if what he does is well received, that “while” will become quite a while) and we have no idea […]

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Subtle and Irreversible

Wouldn’t the criterion for actions taken by a new Adminstration, bolstered by a solid Congressional majority, which wants to effect fundamental transformation of the American order without tarnishing the transcendence which has been its real program, be that such changes be as subtle and irreversible as possible? Perhaps (to refer back to my previous […]

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