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The Anti-White Guilt Coalition

Speaking intuitively rather than statistically, one effect of the recent fighting that gives me some ground for hope is that is has inaugurated a new sense of community among those who become aware of the immense damage wrought by White Guilt’s mindless moral narcissism. It is interesting to see Shelby Steele’s far more widely […]

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Chronicle 338 – The Final Conflict

The latest Chronicle of Love & Resentment, entitled “The Final Conflict,” is now available.

-eric gans



I think he passes a little too quickly over some of our present difficulties, but here is a powerful, unconflicted defense of the Bush Doctrine from the godfather of the neo-conservative movement.

Scenic Politics


White Guilt Meets the Aztecs

As a vacation from the Middle East, this sample of Europe’s historical self-hatred is taken from an interview conducted by the leftish French weekly Le nouvel observateur with novelist and world traveler J.M.G. Le Clézio. See if you can detect what is missing in this picture (hint: obsidian knife):

N.O. – At the time […]

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Ending White Guilt

Eric Gans – Chronicles of Love and Resentment 337: Saturday, August 5, 2006

One of the simplest ways to begin to explain the prevalence of White Guilt in our era is that victimary thought, however “unmanly” and even cowardly it may be from the perspective of action, depends on a reassuring model of the […]

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