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GASC 2010 Update

Hi Everybody,

The 4th annual Generative Anthropology Summer Conference (GASC) 2010 is shaping up to be a very exciting event, with presentations from many of the regular Anthropoetic contributors and several first-time attendees. We are all looking forward to Eric Gans’ Plenary lecture on “Haven’t We Always Been Modern,” a lecture in dialogue with […]

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zombies again

I’m up again at zombies contentions (a rewriting of my recent post here, without the theory). You can find your way, can’t you?



Another post at zombies contentions:


Anti-semitism and the Victimary Era

Here is my proposal for that International Conference on Anti-semitism I mentioned on the GAlist a while back. We’ll see what they make of it.

This paper will offer an account of contemporary anti-semitism in terms of Eric Gans’s “originary hypothesis” regarding the origin of language and culture. The originary hypothesis extends and revises […]

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zombie post

I’ve got a new post over at zombies contentions, if anyone’s interested.