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Why the Law is Enough

As readers of my blogging (here and at the JCRT Live blog) and my most recent essay in Anthropoetics (“Marginalist Politics, Originary Grammar”), are aware, I have been compelled to address the issue of imperatives—in ethics, in economics, in politics and in thinking. This is part of my project of generating a […]

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The Economic Imperative

Post-gift economy, there are two ways of organizing economic relations: through the free market, or bureaucratically. Bureaucratic economics, the “command economy,” organizes distribution of labor and resources through a hierarchical series of imperatives; it is either a parasitic excrescence (even if serving otherwise indispensable purposes) upon the market, or it is constructed […]

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Beginnings in the Middle: Presence and the Infinitesimal

Transcendence suggests something outside of us sustaining us; presence involves all of us sustaining the same object of attention. This mutual attending is overlapping and continuous—your attention attracts mine, which takes on a different shape and intent, which attracts a third in some new manner, which finally comes back to you as […]

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Another Version of “Idioms of Inquiry” Despite the Changed Title

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