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Frère Jacques: a Chronicle about Derrida and GA

Thanks to the previous post, I don’t have to provide a link to Chronicle 339, “Originary Demography.” Now Chronicle 340 is available at Entitled “Frère Jacques,” it elaborates on the anthropological content of a recently published text by Jacques Derrida that touches on the question of minimal faith.

-eric gans


For a Jew-Crusader Alliance

In his just published Chronicle, “Originary Demography” (, Eric Gans concludes that the aging, demographically suicidal cultures of Western Europe

can renew themselves rather than (as Steyn predicts) breaking down in ethno-religious strife and/or giving way by mid-century to a second Muslim conquest: demographic recovery through the revival of European Christianity. This is not […]

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Post-9/11 Epistemology

A very thoughtful discussion of scapegoating and reality-avoidance in today’s world.


No enemies on the Left

Although not all academics are radical leftists, all radical leftists are academics, in the sense that they are accepted, and often feted, by the academy. I have long been struck by the extreme political views of many of the most successful academicians, views that, far from acting as a handicap, are a factor in […]

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Where we are

A masterly summary of the divide from VDH: