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Chronicle 353 – A New Way of Thinking

Chronicle 353 (“A New Way of Thinking”) is now available at It outlines some basic ideas concerning the novelty of GA with respect to other ways of thinking about the human.

-eric gans


Covenant Zone

Another urgent post by truepeers over at Covenant Zone:


Political Syntax (III) and Originary Thinking

We will only have moved beyond metphysics once we have inculcated ways of describing thinking as a series of moves with and within language and, more broadly, semiosis. Anything is meaningful to the extent that it is a sign, that is, iterable as an operation on the field of semblances. We can account for […]

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The Post-Romantic Individual

Here’s a link to Truepeer’s originary reading of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s review of Lee Harris’ new book, The Suicide of Reason at Covenant Zone:


Political Syntax II: Generative Declaratives

What I called in my previous post (Political Syntax I) “mythical” declaratives I am now going to call “naive” declaratives; what I called there “legal” declaratives, I am now calling “normative” declaratives. Here are the slightly revised definitions: the naive sentence presents as its center a fulfilled imperative; the normative sentence presents as its […]

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