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The Mistake of Liberal Democracy

Liberal democracy is constituted by the severing of equality and freedom, which become incommensurable “values” which need to be balanced and one of which must be given priority at any instant. This has been a serious, perhaps fatal error, because the balancing and prioritizing is inevitably done by the state, which develops an interest […]

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Originary Mistakenness

The progression from defilement, to sin, to guilt serves an index of the progression from the ethical to the moral—that is, from imperatives issued by the center (and materialized in ritual forms) to imperatives issued to oneself, demanding reciprocity with one’s fellows. The defilement of the communal space occurs when some prohibition has been […]

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More thoughts on minimal secessionism

The thinking behind my most recent post was that the possibility of a systemic collapse of the contemporary market/democratic system can’t be discounted; that if such a collapse takes place life will nevertheless continue: people will need food, shelter, power, etc., and they will enter into economic relations in order to meet those needs, […]

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Marginalism as Minimal Secession

At a certain point in thinking through the question of “gay marriage” I realized that there was a way out of the double bind the victimary continually, and usually successfully, impose upon the normal. I am far from being the only observer who has recognized that there is much more to the demand for […]

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GASC 2010 Website

The website for the 4th annual Generative Anthropology Summer Conference, 2010 is now available:

Our conference this year is being held in Salt Lake City, Utah, June 24-26, at Westminster College and Brigham Young University.

If you are planning to present a paper, we encourage you to submit an abstract soon. More details […]

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