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Syntactic entanglements

My reading of contemporary history places the events of 9/11 as the pivotal event in the postmodern world governed by Auschwitz theology. 9/11 had, broadly speaking, two possible outcomes: an overturning of Auschwitz theology, White guilt, and the capitulation to victimary blackmail it compels; or a resurgence and intensification of that theology and guilt, […]

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Habit and Errors and Composition



The proper response to any claim we wish to take seriously is to inquire into its possible operationalizations. If you mean wht you say, in other words, what would it mean–construct for me an event, hypothetical or actual, in which the meaning of what you say can be (ostensively) verified, affirmed, or authenticated. Culture […]

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We are in the steepest economic downturn since the 1930s, in or verging on another Great Depression; and, yet, there are signs daily that we might be starting to emerge from the recession by Spring 2010. I wonder if the Left, now that they are in power, want to play the same kind of […]

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