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Originary Grammar and Post-Sacrificial Semiotic Agency

Here’s a paper I just read at the American Comparative Literature Assoication conference:

If the post-colonial is located within the common, if asymmetrical, mimetic space including colonizer and colonized, then we can speak about the post-colonial as the post-sacrificial. Once mimicry rather than violence characterizes asymmetrical social and cultural forces, […]

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originary grammar

Anyone interested in what my originary grammar is doing at the moment, here is my latest post on JCRT Live


Habits, Error, Assignments

When institutions fail, we must direct our attention toward habits–habits are foundation of institutions, which essentially codify and police habits, and which must fail when habits degenerate; but the degeneration of habits really means the interference of one set of habits with another. Thinking in terms of habits adds greatly to our clarity, because […]

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