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Indicative Culture


The Holy Grammar of Presence

Eric Gans’ talk at the Ottawa GA conference on June 20 ( articulated the problem of victimary discourse in relation to the originary scene in what, I think, is a new way. Gans had already re-situated scapegoating (for Rene Girard the founding moment of the human) within the emergence of hierarchical orders, which themselves […]

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Obama’s Symmetries

I hadn’t fully realized it before reading the text of Obama’s speech in Cairo but what is certainly most interesting, in my view at least, about Obama’s rhetoric is his sense no issue has been properly represented until it has been satured with symmetries. This seems to be a compulsion on the President’s part […]

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Futurity and Presence

For years I have been convinced, and I remain convinced, that there is a simple and infallible way of breaking the victimary spell: for the “dominant” to use their power to defend those who are the victims of those who claim to be our victims. This should involve not merely charity or altruism, but […]

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