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April 17, 2010

Anthropoetics’ Spring issue 15:2 now available!

The latest issue of Anthropoetics, Spring 15:2, is now available at .The table of contents is listed below.

Table of Contents
Anthropoetics XV:II

Jean-Loup AmselleTo Count or Not to Count: The Debate on Ethnic and Diversity Statistics in France Today

Peter GoldmanThe Meaning of Meaning in Kafka’s The Castle

Kyle KarthauserPopular Culture after Postmodernism: Family Guy, Borat, The Office, and the Awkwardness of Being Earnest

Adam Katz From Habit to Maxim: Eccentric Models of Reality and Presence in the Writing of Gertrude Stein

Marina LudwigsThree Gaps of Representation / Three Meanings of Transcendence

Andrew McKennaArt and Incarnation: Oscillating Views

Emma Peacocke“A novel word in my vocabulary”: Laughter and the Evolution of the Byronic Model into Don Juan

Simon WatsonReview Essay: Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion and Atheist Fundamentalism

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